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Published on January 17th, 2013 | by Shelley Awad


Grow Your Own Palm Trees

Growing Palm Trees from Seed

There are many varieties of palm trees that will add a beautiful tropical flavor to your backyard, your home or your greenhouse and gardens.  To buy them already grown can be a huge expense, not to mention the risk of transporting them as well as transplanting them. That is why growing palm trees from seed in your greenhouse, is an excellent idea.  Most greenhouse growers like to experiment, and you may find it challenging to try growing your own palm trees.

There are two things to consider when deciding the type of palm tree you would like to cultivate:

  •  Which species will survive and thrive best in your local environment
  • Where to purchase fresh, ripe seeds

You will need to find a reputable dealer who actually grows the trees himself and collects the seeds when they are fully matured. Ripe seeds have colour and are ready to drop whereas immature seeds are green. If you buy seeds from a broker, ask where they originated (usually overseas) and this will give you an idea how old they are. Old or poor quality seeds equal weak germination and growth. The following are ways to check seeds to ensure that they are valuable:

  • Good seeds appear fresh and ripe
  • Good seeds are heavier
  •  Know what size the seeds should be and if they are smaller than expected, they are bad or old seeds
  • If you pinch a good seed they are hard and nothing will happen. If they are old, they will collapse when pinched.
  • Add seed to a container of water and if they sink, they are viable seeds. If they float, they are old immature seeds.

When you have collected the number of seeds needed, make sure you remove the fruit to avoid rotting. Clean the seeds and let them dry. You are now ready for germination.

Using community pots or beds sow the seeds side by side in germinating soil. This will allow you an easy way to monitor their growth process. If you do not have access to a greenhouse you can use the plastic bag technique for germinating seeds. Add the seeds to damp moss and put them in a plastic bag placing it in a warm heated area.

Water the seeds once a day and in a minimum of six months you should see results. If the seeds do not germinate within a year, then your crop will never grow properly and you should discard everything and start over with fresh seeds.

When you notice at least one fully formed leaf (preferably two or three) it is safe to repot the seeds individually. As the plant grows larger repot it accordingly. Within a couple of years, you will possess a beautiful home grown tropical palm tree.

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